Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rad Reviews

Reviews for Diamond and Peal are starting to pop up. IGN and 1UP have their reviews and it got 8.5 from all of them. Mostly good points about great games with he only cons being that the game hasn't evolved as much as it could and that it doesn't push the boundaries of the DS. The 1UP review was by Jeremy Parish who is a "Pokemon hater" so it this is great news. All Pokemon fans already know they are going to like it but these reviews prove everyone is going to like them. Talking about reviews, I watched the Pokemon Diamond and Pear movie, and here are my thoughts..

They should have timed to air the end of Battle frontier sometime this week or saturday, to lead up better for D/P, oh well.

The intro was good to the pokemon world. The actual Pokemon theme is not bad for a 'rap' theme IMO, it could have been a lot worse.

Dawns voice? not too bad I think it'll grow on me.

I liked the intro as it was similar to Ash trying to choose his starter in
the first episode. I also liked how the episode focused on Dawn, a nice change. Piplup is soo cute . I like hearing all these new Pokemon names, sure they leaked but I didn't bother to read them, I like learning them from the game itself. It was funny how Turtwig stayed eating through out everything and the lab being all messed up.

Seeing that legendary Pokemon in the beginning was pretty cool, ala HooH. I can't believe that didnt take up the whole episode and there was time for Ash. Ash coming in wasn't too bad/out of place either. loved Piplup and Dawn together. Piplup getting owned by Pikachu and her bike = awesome hahaha.

random questions: I thought in the anime you could capture another trainers Pokemon with another pokeball, i'm sure they've done it in the past.

I don't like it when TR is defeated by amateur trainers, it makes they seem no threat at all when they go against ash. It was great seeing both piplup and dawn beat up when calling Professor Rowen. I like his voice, its different, just like he is different from Oak/birch/elm. since people are comparing VAs (still!) I like them all, even James, the only one I have a problem is Jenny however 4Kids had replaced her already anyway so its no big deal.

second summer cottage? haha great. some good news for TR after being blasted away twice in so little time and I can only guess it gets worse for them.. oh god, more bottle caps for him to loose . OMG Carnivine must have starved! lol a little plothole there. I hate how James Pokemon repeat the gimmicks of his past Pokemon though

Hmmm is this the first time we see Route numbers in the anime? starly? i don't like him, seems a pretty generic bird type. I liked Pauls name, at least he doesn't seem like a rookie, which is good why would Ash's rival be a rookie. haha, he even shows Ash strategy. Weird that he has an elekid since Gary has an Elekible..

lmao at James global warming comment and at tentacles trying to get Dawn hahaha. Changing the TR motto so quickly after they changed it for the first time not too long ago? it sucks too...
Ash has sure learned to climb after all those movies and episodes, so its not that unbelievable. Dawn is as tall as Ash??

Wish Ash's hat had been different so it would be a total different attire. hahaha Pokemon Poetry. Professor Rowan seemed very nice to Dawn, I hope later in the series Rowan doesn't favor in talking to Ash as the 'main' person. No mention of May doing contests? a simple reference would have been nice. I'm not sure if her joining the party went as good as it could have been. The rival battle was alright.

Overall a pretty fun "movie", i was very entertained and it hyped me up for the games a lot. Now i'm off to go see if I can see if a store broke the street date and hang out.

The new series premiers in June? not too bad especially if its early June.

By the way, I didn't have any luck finding anyone that broke the street date, oh well I can wait 1 day. I can't believe it comes out tomorrow.

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