Sunday, April 22, 2007

Finally here!

I can't beleive it but the games are out and I'm sure most of you got it. Yesterday I was originally going to spend the night with a two friends play video games and be geeky all night get the games in the morning and all 3 of us start the games over to get all 3 starters but my girlfriend was sick so I visited her instead. Though last night I did swing by walmart at midnight to see if they had the new games . Of course after finally finding someone to ask no one there knew what I was talking about...I went to hang out with some friends and then went home. I woke up around noon got dressed and headed to Target to get the new games. Thought I might have no luck since it was later in the day and pre-orders were insane. Even though I pre-ordered I know how that means squat to stores. Luckily I love in a small city so the shelves were full of the games. I saw other kids also waiting to grab the games and even strategy guides. I ended up choosing Diamond. I was stopped on my way to the out of target on three times by three old friends but finally got to my car only to not be able to get to my house because of a firetruck.

I haven't had too much time to play the game but so far I like it a lot, decided not to write about it since most of you are already experiencing it and can read it elsewhere. I will write about the games later in the week though. I was able to catch the NY City event from which I will write a big entry with pics tomorrow.

I'm tired so no pictures today.

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