Monday, April 23, 2007

Dawn Maidens

Today Cartoon Network aired "Following a Maiden's Journey", which is the first episode of the three used in the Diamond and Pearl "movie". Fellow ToonZoner Inkan1969 mentioned that based on the title its "Nice to know that Dawn is a maiden."

well...not for long with that skirt.

One of the people I encountered at Target while getting Pokemon Diamond was teasing me about how its for 5th graders while I explained it was for "Everyone" as the rating explained... Anyways she saw that same picture today and commented:
"that is one short skirt, and note rated for EVERYONE"

Tomorrow is my birthday so if I don't have time I'll just make a quick update. The review of the NYC event I think I will hold on until later this week. I'll also have an announcement about what is next in The Pokeball's "The Pokeblog" around Wednesday.

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