Saturday, March 3, 2007

Goodbye M&M

I had been wanting to catch pokemon(anime) but I never got arround to wake up, so early for it. Even though I went to bed at 3 after a TMNT "party" I finally woke up today, I got to catch the last 10 minutes of last weeks new episode re-run and the new episode.
I got to see May's Blaziken evole into Torchic and battle Ash's Grovyle, which ends with you not knowing who is going to win only to find out later its a tie and they break the medal in half (similar to Ash/Gary's half Pokeball IMO). Then the new episode is full of twists, May decides to go to Johto alone and Max will stay in Hoenn until he is old enough to be a trainer and battle Ash. No long departure made but it still feels sad as this marks the end of "Advance Generation". Ash and Brock part ways for the 100th time, and Ash gets to meet Gary's (now wearing his FireRed/LeafGreen attire) new Elikible from Sinnoh. Ash gets home and gets another Party, he brags about his Battle Frontier victory and decides to go to the next region aka the usual but it still feels good as this marks the beggining of Diamond & Pearl, even the "To Be Continued" text hypes it up. If i didn't have such a bad short term memory I'd remember what it said. Pretty Epic, trust me.

Overall the episodes were pretty fun, the new voices now feel more at home and it was nice seeing the end of the AG. We are going to get re-runs now, which I will use catch up on all the Battle Frontier episodes I missed and hopefully we get new episodes in time for the new games.

Good bye Advance Generation Gang!

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