Sunday, March 4, 2007

Borders late Pokemon Party

So on my random hanging out at the mall yesterday I ended up going to see what was new at Borders(book store). I then saw a whole stand dedicated to Pokemon, normally they only have them for newly released books, movies, new fad and just about any cash-in on what is popular at the moment for example they had a stand for TMNT which makes perfect sense since the new TMNT movie comes out soon (which is going to be a blast!).
Diamond & Pearl are still too far away for any store to do a cash-in, the anime just got into re-runs, no new game no new interest and the 10th Anniversary was last year.

The selection they had was really weird, the newest thing they had was the "best of" Pokemon Adventures manga they released for the 10th anniversary a while ago, after that it was Primas Ultimate Pokedex which has been out for quite a while. What was really odd is most of the stuff they had was from the Pokemon fad era back in 1999/2000! They had "make your own" Pokemon things (i don't think it qualifies as a book), a generic Pokemon book (also from that era), but what I liked the most was the Pokemon Tales mini-books for pre-schoolers, I never thought i'd ever see those again. They even had some "begginer books" from the Johto era re-telling some random Shuckle filler episode from Johto. It sure looks like a good "late 10 year anniversary party", though counting most of the stuff they had has been out of production for more than five years i'm assuming it was just random stuff they found and decided to see if it sold.
I checked an actual borders store (i.e. not one inside a mall) and yeah they had it too so I'm guessing it is a national thing to get rid of such old stuff. It would have been neat if they had waited a little bit more for the release of D&P but they probably aren't even aware of that. But this is great news for anyone wanting to see if they find some "past" Pokemon merchandise, I myself am very tempted in those Pokemon Tales books. they're cute.

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