Thursday, March 1, 2007

I don't heart NY PokeCenter

I < / 3 NY Pokemon Center

So I said on the last post I would tell about my experience ordering from them, but for that we need to go back in time... Back when the Pokemon Center NY was still a full store and not just a section of the Nintendo World Store, a few months before Pokemon Colosseum came out. The Pokemon Center always has pre-order goodies for a lot of their big products; Pokemon Colosseum had a free Colosseum t-shirt. I call to make my order and they tell me they only take calls before 4:00PM Monday-Friday, well I have school until 3 so I had to mad-drive home to make it on time which a few times i didn't make it, only for when I did the "lady" who takes orders not be there.. Luckily next time I do she is finally there, she finally takes my order. I ask her how much shipping would be and she said "I don't know". What kind of store has a "I don't know" shipping rates?
The game came out and it finally arrived about a week could have been slower but normally stores ship the product before release date so you get it ON the release date. but that would just be a small annoyance.

I open it and yes the shirt is cool, the graphics on it is kind of cheap but no big deal it was free after all...I look at my receipt only to find the shirt wasn't free! They were charging me $20 for it! I then look at the shipping and I see its $12! what it wasn't even fast shipping and i was never told it'd be so much, it shouldn't have been for what it was. I also start reading a "sorry" note but they ran out of Jirachi bonus discs so they'll ship one when they get more in.. The bonus disc that was available everywere before the game came out if you pre ordred it and I didn't even get it. After a few emails I was able to get the $20 of the shirt back and months later I got the bonus disc (almost pointless since it was a "preview of Colosseum" bonus disc). Of course I still had to take the shipping on the ass. As cool as it was to receive a package from the "Pokemon Center", the whole experience left me with a very sour taste in my mouth that I didn't even order the exclusive Pokemon Box game, so take into consideration before you order.

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