Monday, April 2, 2007


I bought Pokemon Trozei not too long ago, i got it for $20 so it was a fair price. I am still unsure if i want to open and keep it or return it to the store. Yeah it wasn't that expensive but for that prize i think i'd rather get a different game. I'm a pretty big Pokemon fan but even top cut Pokemasters like me are on a budjet. I don't usually like puzzle games, at least not endless puzzles games ala Tetris. Trozei is pretty interesting with the touchscreen though. The main reason I want the game though is for the story, being a Pokemon Researcher that I am, hell The Pokeball exists for that whole reason, but thats another story. So I am not sure if the game is worth it mainly for the story as the puzzle element won't entertain me for long. I will ponder my decision for the next week or so.

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