Saturday, April 14, 2007

Go Regionals

Pokemon TCG Regionals start today and there will be another one next Saturday. This is the biggest event you can attend that can still be semi-close to your location. Regionals are a lot of fun, I Judged the Mississippi Regionals last year and had a blast. I am not going this year as I just didn't want to play or drive that much to judge, however if you're in the area it is worth going, check it out dates are in the official Pokemon TCG page.

The cool people at Gonintendo posted an entry about his thoughts on the new Pokemon games. It is very interesting to find out more about people who haven't played the games since the first generation. It seems with Diamond and Pearl many people who haven't played in years are interested and want to check it out again. Now that the fad has been over for years and they see "oh its still going on", instead of 'hating' on it they want to re-live it.

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