Friday, April 13, 2007

and it begins...

We are practically "there" for the new games, with less than 10 days away from the new game. The Press already got their review copies of the game and we also see a new commercial featuring the actual game (the last one focused on pre-order stylus).

I am unsure if I really like the commercial or not. I really like the idea of raining Pokeballs but then we get some uninteresting game footage and its the end. The Music is not upbeat, which makes the commercial kind of 'meh', however it is a classic version of the Pokemon theme playing in the background so it makes it sound like the "epic return" which is good. I guess maybe a nice change to the more "rock" commercial we already had. The narrator like the music at first seems to make the commercial boring however it is clear and not shout-like which is also a nice change from other commercials. So yeah it has pros and cons. One odd thing to note is they mention "Gotta Catch 'em All!", I haven't heard them use that slogan since the release of Gold/Silver.

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