Tuesday, February 20, 2007

There aren't that many Pokemon Podcasts and Pokebeach released their first one this morning so I decided to write a small review about it:

Format: conversation
Content: Pokemon Anime and TCG
Length: 30 - 45 minutes; (first one was 65)

The Host of the podcast is John (aka Water Pokemon Master) among other guests/friends which I am not sure if they'll become regular. It starts talking about the anime, in this case the Pokemon movies in general especially the ninth Pokemon movie about Lucario. Later they quickly touch the subject about the popularity of Pokemon and then go into discussing Diamond & Pearl including the Pokemon and their names. After that they start taking some calls with some generic questions, nothing good but not too bad. At the end they discuss the Trading Card Game, with some of the recent happenings.

The audio quality is not the greatest but its not bad, it could have been a lot worse, its listenable though one of the guests you could hardly hear. The music between segments was not bad as its taken from the Pokemon Anime though they are too long, they really need to just use clips of them.

Overall the PokeBeach podcast was not bad and shows some promise, I'll definately check it out. This was only their first try and the first episode will be recorded this saturday. You can't subscribe to it just yet but you can download it here:

PokeBeach Podcast mp3

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