Thursday, February 22, 2007

I made it on Something Awful!

For those who don't know Somethingawful is a very popular comedy site were many internet cliche's come from. On The weekend web they takes posts from forums and makes fun of them. This time they were going for beastiality.

There was a topic about what essentially was Pokemon Beastiality on SPPF and I decided to make a few mocking posts, and yup I made it in their article. Ironic how such a sarcastic community could not read the tongue in cheek on my posts or maybe they did and just used them for comedy but thats a good thing as I think its pretty funny.

here is the link:

I made those posts on this very funny thread that you should check out:

The quote on my signature is from resident Pokemon fan CyberCubed, who oddly didn't make it in the article ;D

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