Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Pokeball - The Pokeblog

Yesterday actually went pretty good I had a small 'Poke' party which I'll post about on Sunday. What I wanted to write about today is this website. The Pokeball as posted on one of the very first entries is a big project I've been working for a long time. It still wasn't ready however I thought I wanted to write a blog through my journey as I played Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, this idea later became a blog to hype people about the new games. You're eagerly awaiting the new game and want to read daily updates, which is what I did, does that mean this blog is over? not really, I will continue blogging with random Pokemon happenings for people who want to check it out. I am not sure if it'll still be daily or not most likely it will but it'll have more than a few updates per week worst case scenario.
As I've been Playing Pokemon Diamond I feel like I want to just type through what I've done on my journey so I decided to revive my original idea. Since it would be too messy to have it on this same blog I created a different one, called The Pokeblog. This will just be The Pokeball's blog or I'm not sure yet how things are going to work out yet but I'll be sure to make it known. the basics will be this blog will be mostly the same as its always been, while the new The Pokeblog will be my original idea for the current blog and just blog about the games, check it out:

The Pokeblog

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