Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cheap Ass

I got to play Pokemon Pearl demo yesterday at Best Buy. I only played it for a little bit but I really enjoyed the little I play. The graphics really remind me of Dragon Quest VII which I liked a lot. I can't believe for a second that I thought they were only a minor improvement over third gen. I only played for about 2 minutes so nothing too exciting.

On another note we are four days towards release...It feels so odd since its being released on a Sunday the days will actually go pretty fast and be here before I know it. Now where are you going to buy it? I've been looking at the Sunday ads thanks to cheapassgamer and it appears Circuit City has the best deal with the games only being $27. I personally hate CC but if I can save a buck or two I'll buy it there. There is no CC in my city and I don't want to drive 45 minutes to get it so I'm going to see if Target Price Matches, if not I'll just return it later after I buy it from CC. Which I hope things are easy, after seeing all the pre-orders sold not including people who didn't pre-order, I hope its not that hard to find a copy. Worse case scenario I did resrve both games at Target for whatever its worth. I don't think any store actually "reserves" your game from what I've seen over the years, good thing is generally there is nothing to worry about.

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