Sunday, March 25, 2007

updates and Pokemon Stylus

Well I'm having computer problems at the moment so I may not be able to update daily this upcoming week, I will definitely be trying and most likely will as we are getting extremely close to the launch of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Anyways yesterday I reserved my copies of Diamond and Pearl at Target. I had to go to two differen Targets to get both of the Pokemon Stylus and in both stores I got the last stylus in both stores, talk about luck! I'm sure other stores may still have the stylus. Its only been a week and the stylus' are all gone! Don't fret though, some stores may get more and also check out K-Marts in your town, especially the ones that have very little customers. I reserved Zelda Wind Waker for the Gamecube just a week or two before the game came out and was able to get the rare bonus disc.

Anyway the stylus are very nice, they are very long which is nice and the point seems better than the regular DS Lite stylus, so a big improvement, the actual Pokemon on top Palkia and Dialga are pretty well done counting how small they are too, I'm glad I picked them up. Also in Target when you reserve them you get a nice Pokemon Gift Card with the version you reserve.

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