Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Power Rangers and the Temple of the Sea

So, yesterday I finally watched the Pokemon Ranger movie and it was umm.... not bad. The movie started pretty interesting, however after that it started getting a little slow. The fact that Cartoon Network had commercials even seven minutes didn't help. They were not even long commercials, they were pretty short but the fact that there were so many made it annoying, I would have preferred longer ones less often. Anyways, enough about the CN, even without the commercials the movie seemed to re-tread over the same information, maybe if I hadn't been so sleepy when I watched it I would have had a different opinion. Anyways, even with all the complaining about the pacing it was fun. Having the Pokemon Ranger a focus in the movie was fun and also seeing May take more charge in the movie and not let Ash do all the 'starring'. Not a bad movie, I heard it gets a lot of bad rap just because its not as good as the Lucario movie and its true. Though Manaphy's relationship with May did remind me of Jirachi and Max.

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