Monday, March 19, 2007

Pokemon Stylus are Morphomenal

By now i bet you've seen the new Pokemon Diamond and Pearl commercial on TV and you've heard about the pre-order bonus that EBGames/Gamestop has. Well the good news is you don't have to pre-order at EB Games to get the stylus, you can also do it at many other stores including Circuit City, Toys R Us and Target. This is very good news as EB Games is a horrible store that many of us know otherwise than to shop there, hell when Pokemon Emerald came out they sold it for $40! I wouldn't doubt they'd do the same for the new DS games..
By the way, the best deal is Target as you will get a five dollar gift card and the stylus if you pre-order from them not to mention that they price match in case they don't have the game as cheap on release.

As for the pre-order ad it is very interesting and unique they really got it right and builds hype, if you haven't watched it do it here then:

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