Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Pokemon named....

Well thanks to Pokemon site Pokexperto we know all the names of the new Pokemon, of course everyone stole their news and none gave credit back. Joe from Serebii proved once again what a douche but thats nothing new. Hopefulle people give Pokexperto more credit, since after all Pokexperto is a pretty good spanish Pokemon website and deserves the credit he didn't get from other websites, so yeah thanks to Pokexperto for giving that information.

As far as the names, I've only looked at a few, for some reason I dont really memorize the names of new Pokemon until the games are actually released, with exceptions for the heavily adveticed like say Munchlax and Lucario. Couldn't update last two days since i was tired after solving some Bank problems they randomly decided to give me, but the updates should keep going, as we come aboard the Hype train to Diamond and Pearl, as cheesy as that may sound.