Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Welcome back!

so.....any visitor is probably wondering "what is 'The Pokeball'?"

That answer is way way too complex to even begin on just one blog post, in fact just thinking about it makes my headspin trying to find a simple way to explain so much in so little.

Some of you may ask "well what is this I am reading then?!" or "I though it was only a blog?".
what you see now is 'The Pokeblog', a feature only to be started until The Pokeball was finished. Given the mysticism of 'The Pokeball', it seems everything will be done from end to beggining and not the other way around; the same way you copied the answers to your math homework in the back of the book and solving it after or at least making it seem you did.

so, what is 'The Pokeball'??
If only it was that simple...
or as simple as hotlinking a pokeball picture.

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