Monday, February 26, 2007

POP 5 promos at Comic Con

Pokemon USA Inc. was giving away the brand new series 5 POP promo boosters at Comic Con to people who went there, they are not officially available to the public until Season 5 of the Pokemon TCG League which starts in two weeks. The cards in the set were leaked by Pokebeach and is as follows:
1. Ho-Oh
2. Lugia
3. Mew (delta)
4. ???
5. Charmeleon (delta)
6. Bill's Maintenance
7. Rare Candy
8. Boost Energy
9. Delta Rainbow Energy
10. Charmander (delta)
11. Meowth (delta)
12. Pikachu
13. Pikachu (delta)
14. Pelipper (delta)
15. Zangoose (delta)
16. Espeon *
17. Umbreon *

Remember you can get yours by just joining a Pokemon League. scans thanks to twinkle.

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